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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anthurium Climate

Anthuriums require warm greenhouse with shading from direct sunshine and a humid condition. The optimum temperature for growth is 18-21°C and the minimum temperature should not be less than 10-13oC for a short period. The relative humidity which also plays an important role in the growth and development of anthuriums should be around 80%, higher humidity has, however marginal effect on the plants. Bright but filtered light is essential for abundant flowering.

II. Anthurium Species and Anthurium Cultivars
There are many cultivars and species under the genus Anthurium.

A. Anthurium Species
Among 500-600 known species, the important cultivated species belonging to both flowering and foliage groups are mentioned below.

1. Anthurium Flowering group
The following are the species under the flowering group: Anthurium andreanum, A. bakeri, A. brownii, A. ornatum, A. regale, A. regnellianum, A. robustum, A. scherzerianum
2. Anthurium Foliage group
The following are the species under the foliage group: a). clarinervium, b). corrugatuln, c). crystallinum, d). holtomanum, e). leuconerum, f). magnificum, g). panduratum, h). papilionensis, i). splendidum, j). veitchii, and k). warocqueanum. Among the various species, a). andreanum and b). scherzerianum are cultivated extensively for the production of flowers. The characteristic features of these two species are given below.

I. Anthurium andreanum (Oil cloth flower, Tail flower, Painter's palette)
. An erect plant with oblong heart-shaped leaves, 20-35 cm long and 15-20 cm wide. The spathe is heart shaped, lacquered reddish orange or scarlet, 10-15 cm long with a yellow and white pendent spadix. It is suitable for greenhouse and is widely grown for its handsome foliage and coloured spathe.

II. Anthurium scherzerianum (Flamingo flower, Flame plant)
It is a better known and more compact plant with narrow leaves, 15-20 cm long and 4.6-6.6 cm wide. The ovate spathe is brilliant scarlet, while the spirally twisted spadix is golden yellow. It flowers chiefly from February to July and needs keeping moist. This is a popular house plant of the genus.
B. Anthurium Cultivars
The present day flowering anthuriums are mostly hybrids of different species, involving mainly a. andreanum and b. scherzerianum. The popular cultivars grown throughout the world both for cut-flowers and in pots are Abe (bright pink), Aneunae (green and coral pink), Avo-Anneke (pink), Avo- Jose (white), Avo-Clandia (red), Farsiet (orange), Haga white, Homing Orange, Horning Rubin, Jamaica (white), Kaumana (red), Kozohara (red), Manova Mist (white), Nitta (orange), Nova Aurora (red) and Ozaki (red). Cultivars Calypso (dark pink on inner surface and light pink on outer side), Trinidad (off white), Blush (red veins on spathe) and Double (different colours) are the novelties and some of the important cultivars.


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