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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anthurium Propagation methods

Anthuriums are generally propagated through seed, division and cutting. In recent years, micropropagation is also being employed for commercial production of planting material.

A. Anthurium propagation - Seed propagation method
Seeds should be harvested at proper stage of berry ripening for successful germination. In Anthurium schezerianum, the best germination resulting from picking berries at the orange-red stage and fermenting them for 4 days in water at 22o C to separate the seeds from the pulp. The seeds extracted from unripe (green), half ripe (reddish) and ripe (red) berries shows 100 per cent germination as compared to only 42% in those from over-ripe (reddish brown) berries. The former are the first to germinate and are the most suitable for commercial seed production.

The optimum storage temperature is very important for successful germination. The best storage temperature is l0oC and after 6 weeks 60% of the seeds germinate. When seeds from berries are treated with thiram dust before storage, 95% of the seeds germinate after 12 weeks at 100 C and 60% after 16 weeks.
Berry disinfection with Euparen (dichlofluanid), Benomyl, Maneb, Phyton 80 or Orthocide 50 (Captan) are found to be as effective as with Thiram. Some seeds stored at 20°C germinate, but those stored at 5o C usually become nonviable, although seeds can be successfully stored at 8°C above water for 10 weeks. Seeds stored in water will become rotten.

Optimum atmospheric temperature and suitable medium are also necessary for proper seed germination. Temperature ranging from 20-25°C is reported to be optimum for germination of A. scherzerianum hybrid seeds.

Seeds of andreanum germinate better at 28o C in high peat substrate having pH between 4.0 and 5.0 and under continuous lighting whereas those of scherzerianum prefer high peat substrate If with a pH 4.0.
For other species, the most suitable temperature for seed germination is found to be 21.1 to 23.90 Centigrades. Other organic media like well rotten FYM + peat + sphagnum moss can also be used for germinating the seeds (


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