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Friday, April 16, 2010

Plants As Multi Purpose Creations

Plants are living things. They are divided into many further divisions such as trees, flowers, green algae, and ferns. They are the only things that produce oxygen and in-take carbon dioxide. There are many types of them such as Bulbs, Creepers, and Climbers but flowering and ornamental trees and some decoration shrubs are more popular. They can also be very useful because they are the food to many animals, as well as human being. They are certainly the primary food producers. If there had been no plants, there would have been no life possible.
Plants have a multi-purpose use. They are also useful to the environment arround us as they purify the air. According to an old saying, they are the lungs of nature. In modern time their significance has been increased as there is a rapid industrialization and the excessive use of automobiles which are the ultimate cause of pollution. More plantations in such areas will certainly be a natural remedy to the issue of pollution. It has been observed by research that burning a coal, natural gas, and petrol or petroleum products cause accumulation of lead in the air. The increased plantation in these areas will certainly help in the reduction of lead content even which otherwise will be inhaled by human being. It is because of this lead inhaling that there are many patients suffering from acute lung diseases in the areas with high lead and less plantation.
They are also used for beautification purposes. Many indoors and ornamental plants are available in market. Similarly many decorative items can be purchased from internet shops. Sometimes there are schemes from government or from environment preserving organizations which offer plants at cheaper rate in order to promote plantation. Being a responsible citizen and a sensitive human being you must contribute for this noble cause.
(By: Kahea R)

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