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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Save the World Today, Go For Alternative Energy!

Alternative energy, without a doubt, is the answer to the drastic power shortage that the world experiences today. Unlike the regular power resources such as coal, uranium, and fossil fuels, this form of energy is renewable because it is usually generated from biomass, hydro power, solar and wind energy. But the good thing is that, they are non emission sources, which of course is a great help to our environment. The power generators are proven safe to use, hence there will be no worries about harmful exhaustion and toxic waste production.

Nature is priceless. Since alternative energy sources from renewable materials none of its valuable supplies will be used up and shortage is not likely to happen. This only means that a great deal of the environment's natural resources is preserved. Combustions produced by traditional power plant generators operated by fuel accelerate global warming due to the release of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the air. And if nothing is to be done, not only today's lives are compromised but also the lives of the next generation.

Oil, or the so called black gold, as a fuel is one good example of a resource that we can save by using alternative energy. Studies show that the world right now is at a point where oil production is decreasing, rendering world governments to find immediate solutions to the staggering problem. Several proponents of oil argued that the usage of alternative energy will drop off the economy if the traditional fossil fuels are to be disposed; however there are quite a few researchers who believe that the inception of alternative energy actually is beneficial to the economy. Proof to this matter is the increasing rate of companies doing research and providing alternative energy.

Indeed, it is true that where there are advantages, disadvantages come next. But with alternative energy the advantages versus the disadvantages has a considerable difference. There's more to the positive side rather than the negative ones. An estimate of 108,234 tons of waste per day is incinerated around the globe, nonetheless, with a system this large amount of waste will be converted to useful resources. It takes only 90% less energy to convert the world's waste into a power source than to generate new power supplies out of the fossil fuels. Not only is mother earth saved from destruction but also the life of the future generation is ensured. So, why wait for tomorrow if things can be done today?
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